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As you may know, the Quantum Collective - founded by Section 101’s Liz Leahy and Riptide Music’s Dan Silver - presents the Southwest Invasion during in Austin, building the event around a philosophy of discovery for both music and brands. In addition to incredible music performances, the event hosts a carefully curated village on the Whole Foods Austin rooftop plaza made up of goods, non-profit organizations and services that all share the same ethos. Quantum Collective’s Liz Leahy explains, “Southwest Invasion is building a community, bringing together like-minded people and creating an authentic experience for both sides.”

Importantly, the event benefits the Whole Planet Foundation and Quantum Collective is a partner with their Musicians for Microcredit™ program, which engages musicians to use their platform to alleviate global poverty. From digital downloads to in-store performances and benefit concerts, Musicians for Microcredit™ partners with the music community to empower entrepreneurs around the world to change their own lives.

If you’re not familiar with microcredit and micro-lending, it is typically used to help borrowers who lack collateral and steady employment. It is designed not only to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, but also to endow women and elevate entire communities by extension. We are very proud of the work we are able to do with Whole Planet Foundation’s microcredit program, and we fundraise at each Southwest Invasion event.

One of our main sponsors, Fiverr, was the perfect associate in raising both money and awareness for Whole Planet. This year, attendees were able to purchase caricatures of the musicians performing created by Fiverr artists, with all the monies going to benefit Musicians for Microcredit™. For more information on this incredible program, and how you can get involved, please visit:https://www.wholeplanetfoundation.org/partners/musicians-for-microcredit/