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General Questions 

For general questions, please email info@southwestinvasion.com


For booking information for the 2016 Southwest Invasion, please contact Dan Silver at dan@riptidemusic.com.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

For sponsorship opportunities for the 2016 Southwest Invasion, please contact Liz Leahy at liz@quantumcollective.com.

Press & media Requests

For all press/media requests, including interviews, press and photo passes, event graphics and artist materials, please contact Laura Goldfarb at laura@redbootpr.com


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Benefitting Whole Planet Foundation
Zico Coconut Water Schwinn Clif Bar
Rishi Tea OCHO Candy Dang Foods Health-Ade Kombucha truRoots Wells Fargo Zevia Foodee Hops And Grain Brewing QSC Califia West Elm